Business English Rock & Roll
Leadership - management competencies and skills development. 
"Knowledge is power" goes the old-saying but in this 21st-century competencies and skills are the sources to empower that knowledge.
In today's global economy where you need to deal with multicultural, multifunctional, multinationals, and multivariable factors to be at the competitive edge of your business sector or professional field this is a must.
The Leadership and management competencies and skills set empowers your abilities to fulfill your goals productively and successfully with your stakeholders.
Let us work together in enhancing the following leadership skills set:
1.- Effective Presentations Skills
- Preparing a winning presentation
- Planning a successful presentation
- Delivering a rocking presentation
2.- Negotiation and Persuasion Skills
- Win-Win Negotiation
- Conflict Resolution
- Problem Solving
3.- Business Speech - Public Speaking - Oratory
- Fundamentals of Speech Delivery
- Offices Communication Management
- Business sector or professional field lexicon (Expression, idioms. jargons)
Are you ready for Business English Rock & Roll?
Let us meet for one hour twice a week Online to start empowering your Business English leadership skills.
The time to enhance your Business English is now.
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