7 Years Experienced British Native Teacher
I am from London, England, living in Madrid, Spain and an English Native Teacher.  My several years of working in education in teaching general English and Business English should be of interest to you. 

In my various capacities of teaching  English, I have acquired skills in all phases of teaching English including face to face classes, online classes including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype and Google Hangouts, telephone and lesson planning.  

I have a specific method which focuses on improving fluency, pronunciation, common mistakes correction, vocabulary, Phrasal verbs, expressions and confidence building.

  Less grammar orientated and more practical, fun learning.

Additionally, I focus on Business presentations, CV, job interview practice, email writing, business calls and many other aspects of Business English.

Please see the companies below I have and am working with.

7 años de experiencia enseñando inglés en la empresa: Coca Cola, BP, ZTE, Corte Ingles, Repsol, Acciona, Pfizer, FCC, Enagas, Costa Cruceros, MSC Cruceros, La Neveraroja, GlaxoSmithKline y muchas más empresas, incluidas academias y clases privadas y telefono y Skype. También enseño todos los exámenes de Cambridge, TOEFL y TOEIC. Autonomo registrado con toda la documentación para emitir una factura.. También estoy registrado con la Fundación Tripartita.