Conversation & Practical English Classes
As a British guy who has been Madrid for few a years now I know that you can feel like you have studied every book, your grammar is great but following conversations can leave you feeling awkward and lost.

Practicing with someone in an easy way, joking, laughing and talking about the things you actually want to talk about and putting your personality into English is a good step to take yourself beyond the books and into real life situations.

That´s what I tell my kids at school and it works, because you need to put yourself out there and be talking about things that are interesting or important to you like you do with your friends in Spanish, though if you work in English learning the lingo can help make your experience much easier to follow to.

2021 is coming, and 2020 has been a difficult year for maintaining classes, so don´t let your English take a back seat into the new year!

Write to me by WhatsApp or by Email and we can have a proper conversation class and talk about things that matter to you, so when your in those English conversations you can start to feel comfortable and at ease.

I am available weekends during the morning, or weekdays from 18:00-22:00.

Classes: €15 an hour.