34 years old
Hi, im Axel La Riva, im a musician from PerĂº living in Madrid, and i can teach you how to learn music in english or spanish, or better, you can learn spanish and also music at the same time, if you are new in Spain or want to get better and fluid, you can use music as a hobby to get better with the language.
The lessons are simple and fun, they can be on your place, my place, and also online.
the rates are:
85 p/ month at your place (4 lessons)
75 p/month at my place (4 lessons)
65 p/month online (4 lessons)

If you have any questions, please contact me at (+34)662220538
and u can find me on IG which is basically my CV or the Linkedin for musicians.

Good luck, hope to see you soon!