31 years old
My online Spanish for your online English
Hi all,

My name is Jaime and I am a 31 years old guy from Andalusia, Spain. Currently I am working in Florida (USA). My English is roughly C1 level but I would need to practice my speaking. As almost everything became online some months ago, I start not practicing English that much with the people around and noticed that my speaking is getting rusty. Therefore I will be willing to set online conversations with someone that would be interested in doing the same but with Spanish.

I work in the field of research, studying mostly plant pathogens, but also love gardening, sports, movies, music and also discovered the amazing world of drawing. If you are interested in some of these topic, it would be better for the flow conversation. Also, I spent the last 5 years in Madrid doing my PhD, so that's why I got to know this website.

Please, feel free to send me a WhatsApp or email if you are interested.

Thank you,