REMOTE TEACHING POSITION (15€-22€ or $18-$27 an hour)
This is a reliable online job teaching 1 or 2 elementary kids. (8-23 hours)

I’m not merely a recruiter, but an active long-term teacher so I can
personally show you the ropes and share with you the nitty gritty.

Be sure to have all the following QUALIFICATIONS, or it’s a hard pass.

1. CITIZENSHIP from either
-New Zealand

2. A Copy of your 4-YEAR BACHELOR’S DEGREE

3. A 120-HOUR TEFL CERTIFICATE complete with license number


Minimum 1 year teaching in classroom or virtually. Indicate your functions and influence.
Multiple years are preferred. This company is selective. Leave out irrelevant information.
Career teachers, Linguistic majors, Auxiliares de Conversacion, and Cambridge prep are favored.

5. Stable WIFI - Upload speed 20 (Tip! -Connect to modem during interview.)

6. Availability of 8 HOURS minimum
Weekdays 1100 -1400 Spain time (6 pm-9 pm Beijing time) 5am-8am EST
Weekends 0200-1400 Spain time (9 am- 9 pm Beijing time) 8pm-8am EST
7. A recent respectable FACE SHOT

8. Supplemental SKILLS AND QUALITIES (Be you. Highlight your own.)
Student Assessment

Once you’re able to check off all of the above include the information clearly in a 1-page curriculum vitae with clean lay-out.
Then APPLY VIA REFERRAL LINK for the preliminary review.


I’ll walk you through the rest of the process which is pretty simple once you know.

Some BENEFITS include:
Work from home. Work from anywhere.
No preparation
Company matches you with students
Starting wage higher than other online companies
10 minutes between classes, but paid hourly
Bonuses for perfect monthly attendance
Personal company contact person
Short-term and long-term leave every six months
Work with experienced students
Flexibility in teaching style