33 years old
Online one to one Spanish classes (check my testimonials+30)
Hi!Hola My name is Sole I am an English and native Spanish teacher accredited by the Instituto Cervantes.
I have more than 5 years experience teaching in schools, academies, and online (one on one) . One of my favorite things about teaching is seeing my students become more confident in speaking (in just the first class!). My classes depend on what the student is looking for, but always has a strong focus on conversation. You will speak from the first moment even if you have a beginner’s level of Spanish (but don’t worry, the classes won’t be boring).
I have books of all levels in PDF format, info graphics, and my own material. All material is included.
If you want to gain fluency, vocab, slang, sound less guiri, or know more about Spanish culture, you will love taking these classes If, on the other hand, you want to take a DELE exam, I have also prepared a lot of students for the exam
If you want to know more about me, you can read up to thirty testimonials from my past and current students.
About me:
I am a feminist , easygoing and talkative person- I have lived in both Toronto and in England. I love to talk about interesting topics and learn new things! If you are interested, I enjoy giving recommendations about Spain restaurants, places to go, culture...
You can send me a DM on my Facebook page and contact me for more info! Just ask away!