Off-street Model Casting for Photoshoot in MADRID
We are in the pre-production stages for a photoshoot for an internal campaign!

The photoshoot will be based in Madrid - we require individuals (happy, healthy people!) to take part in the photoshoot for a single day
Those selected would be reimbursed for their time, the photoshoot (which will take place over a single day / 8 hours), and usage rights of their images

If you are interested and would like to receive more information about reimbursement, etc. 

Please contact us at info@oh37.eu with a headshot

We are searching for....

1 woman - 45-50, athletic, north-European, passes as a doctor

1 man 38-45 intelligent/ scientific, has a cool side / a successful image

 1 man  45-55 - male german-looking, serious, trustworthy, innovative

1 woman - 30-40 - face will not be visible - more flexible regarding options