Native English TA Needed--Villaueva de la Cañada
We are looking for a native English Speaker to cover a TA vacancy in a school in Villanueva de la Cañada in Madrid to teach to  Primary students.
It involves 21 teaching hours a week  plus 4 extra hours (dedicated to coordination, substitutions, classes preparation and so on), within the following schedule,
Monday and Tuesday, from 9.00 / 10.00  until  16.45 pm
Wednesday and Friday, from 9.00  until  13.30  pm
Thursdays ending classes, from 9.00  at 15.50 pm
The monthly grant is  848€ per month  plus daily breakfast and  lunch provided at the school, besides  the TA will have full medical cover with the Spanish national health system

Start date:  5th April 2021
Ending date: 30th  June 2021
Possibility of continuation in  2021-2022
If interested, please contact us at welcome@upinternationaleducation.com or 671672157. 
We'll gladly provide you with detailed information, including the timetable  and support needed for our program.'
**NOTE: The best way to from the centre of Madrid  to Villanueva de la Cañada is  by taking a bus that leaves from Moncloa Bus station (BUS number 623  from Platform 1, Gate 6) and that lasts about 35 minutes)