English Native teacher - Part time/Full time
Arkeidia is looking for another English native to work part time or, preferably, full time, teaching English in a fun play-based environment focused around the art of conversation.

Your job would be working with groups of up to 5 students maximum, at all levels and ages.  Each class lasts for one hour and in that hour you would be playing board games, reading with the students, writing down new vocabulary for them to copy and, above all, talking!

The job is fairly easy, and planning is minimal/almost unnecessary.  If the students are enjoying the class and WANT to talk to you, that's your job done.  At Arkeidia the purpose is to help people actually enjoy speaking English without it seeming like a chore..

If you are very shy or introvert, please don't apply for the job, because helping with homework and explaining grammar very in depth is not our aim, at all. Arkeidia needs another extrovert and chatty native speaker who wants to enjoy their job and feel relaxed.

Arkeidia is in El Molar, about an hour north of the centre of Madrid, so if you live in the north of Madrid, even better.

The full-time schedule would be from Monday to Thursday, 4pm-9pm (20 hours total per week)

To apply: Please don't send a typical CV with work experience and skills. 
We would like you to send as much information as you can about you, your personality, your hobbies, what you want out of life etc, because all that matters is to have an outgoing and chatty personality.  Please share your phone number in your email because the next step will be calling you to have a friendly chat.

Thank you to everyone who applies.  
Kindest regards,