28 years old
EFL Teacher - Aux (2021-22)
As a British Native who has lived in Madrid since 2016 I am looking to relocate from my current school in September and work somewhere closer to the centre due to travel time/wanting to enjoy the city more.

I have worked with 1ºESO-2ºBACH over the past few years in addition to excelling in academies, private classes and always bringing a beam of joy, comedy and practical English with my northern Manchester approach.

I´m very much someone with a drama/music/theatre background so have designed so many projects over the years that have been a success so pretty much all of these are ready to the dot to go for a new place.

In addition i´m like dorky, goofy and always humourous teacher that gets results by not believing in stress, screaming or losing my patience, I get along so well with all my students and teachers but it´s time for me to move somewhere closer to the closer.

If anyone knows a full time job starting from September until June 2022 please contact me by my email and i´ll get back to you, or WhatsApp is fine to.