27 years old
TEFL Certified! Test Prep, Vocab, Phrasals, Pronunciation!
Hello everyone! 

Thank you for taking a look at my advert! My name is Enrique and I am a fully TEFL certified teacher and have been for nearly two years. In 2019 I sold my car and moved to Madrid, Spain. There, I had to learn the ropes of becoming an entrepreneur, because of COVID having shut everything down. But enough about me, what about the classes!?

Well, Our first class will be entirely FREE and 60 minutes. I always recommend general conversation and an introduction/overlook/review of the tenses in the first class.  In my class, I find that students can appreciate when they have the ability to read out loud and discuss something, or watch a video and give an opinion or answer some questions. If you're looking for textbook grammar, I'm working on the best way to go about teaching that, but I would not say it is the specialty of the class. My objectives are to raise your confidence primarily, introduce you to how American English speakers use the language, teach you some of the business vocabulary and phrasal verbs you might not be picking up in your conference calls and work with you to teach you new things each class. I was never a big fan of the 'learn it yourself' method and always found an appreciation in someone sharing knowledge or guidance. My students would define me as patient and kind. I will say that as I become more aware of your abilities with English the classes will become less and less like a presentation and more and more like a conversation. Sometimes, a really, really good one.  :)

About the payment, as I said, the first class will be free. I always recommend students book one 'trial' class before diving into multiple classes per week with me. I think we should both be comfortable with the class, but more importantly, I want you to feel as though you can learn from me. It's hard to learn about someone in one hour, and I never plan a method or script or anything for the class. Each and every one of my classes is completely unique and engaging. The only thing I prepare is material. My fee for a one hour class is €14.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope to hear from you soon!

Please reach out to me at enriquepan4@gmail.com