24 years old
Private English Teacher/Tutor in Madrid
Great day to you my dear students and friends!

My name is Karl Louie Anjelo M. Yu. I earned my Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Administration major in Human Resource Development Management with an academic achievement award and was a consistent scholarship grantee and honor's student at Far Eastern University in Manila, Philippines. More so, I also finished a course on Business Strategy for Social Impact at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. I have been teaching to English language learners for over a year now every after working as a full-time HR professional in one of the largest banks in my country. Currently, I am pursuing my master's degree in Global Higher Education under Instituto Franklin at Universidad de Alcala in Madrid, Spain.

I always love to teach English and meet students whom I can treat as friends as well. In connection to that, I am a certified TESOL and TEFL instructor with certification in American English E-Teacher in Integrating Critical Thinking Skills into Exploration of Culture in an EFL Setting by the US Department of State. It is my passion to share my knowledge, my story and my life to my students. There are other things I am interested about aside from teaching people. These are traveling to places that I haven't been to, trying different cuisines, learning different culture and tradition and watching movies. We can definitely talk about these things we I have you as my student. During my lesson, I always make sure to interact and engage my students by using critical thinking and engaging activities. With these, students will be able to learn and at the same time enjoy the learning session. I also focus on speaking and pronunciation skills whenever it is necessary. I am open to different kinds activities and other engaging learning methodologies.

My lessons will hone you based on your objectives in learning as I will personalized it based on your need. I make sure that all aspects of learning will be made available in my class. That is for you to find out. I hope to teach you soon and please give me a message if you have queries.

Languages I speak: English (Native), Filipino (Native), Chinese (A2), Cebuano (B2)

Mode of class: Offline or Online Class are available

Ages/Level: All age groups (Beginner to professionals)

Course Rate: 18 Euros per Hour

Group Class: For discussion

See you in our learning session!