Native English Teacher
I am a native English Teacher and have more than 10 years experience in teaching English as a
Foreign Language. I have worked at companies such as ‘BMW’ , ‘La Liga’ and ‘Atletico Madrid’
amongst others, assisting with BUSINESS ENGLISH while preparing students for EXAMS ENGLISH,
focussing mainly on Cambridge, IELTS and TOEFL. If you’re looking to improve your fluency, grammar
and vocabulary, I can also provide GENERAL ENGLISH classes with a variety of methodologies or
perhaps a ‘FLUENCY WORKSHOP’ if that's what you're looking for.
I’m also an established musician, signed to IntroMusica and Aural Sound here in Madrid with a degree in
Sound Production. If you are a professional Actor, Artist, Musician, Lyricist, Director, Camera or Sound
Technician, I can offer a tailor-made program just for you in THE ARTS WORKSHOP which will transform
the way you conduct yourself whilst overseas.
I always insist that you, the student, get involved in ‘self-learning’ while taking my classes just to keep
the momentum going and above all, to make sure your listening skills are in motion - Podcasts, Ted
Talks, Films/Series or whatever suits your own personal interests.
Not only can I teach a wide variety of classes, offering both versatility and creativity but I am also a topclass teacher with an abundance of experience and more affordable prices than you’ll find at English
Academies and Business English Agents.
I can teach Online and In-Person (within a 10 km radius of 'Madrid Centro')
Prices are as followed :
General English - 20 euros per hour
Exams English - 25 euros per hour
Fluency Workshop - 20 euros per hour
Tha Arts Workshop - 25 euros per hour
Business English class (Classes) - 40 euros per hour
Business English (1 on 1) - 20 euros per hour