Want to speak Spanish naturally and learn key tips to help you gain fluency in a relaxed fun way? 

Hi, I'm Macarena, a certified teacher of Spanish as a Foregin Language (ELE)  from Madrid and I've got extensive experience studying languages and teaching Spanish to people from several nationalities, as well as English to Spanish people (I also have the TEFL Certificate for the latter, and therefore, a proficient level in English). 

I tackle language learning in a practical dynamic way, encouraging the student to participate and speak from day one, and combining different aspects of the language (conversation, grammar, vocabulary and idiomatic expressions, reading through text/article fragments, pronunciation tips...) in order to give you a realistic vision on natural current everyday Spanish, through a personalised following of the student's progress to adapt to their needs and interests as lessons go on. Apart from general Spanish lessons, I can also offer specific classes focused on preparing the official DELE exams, for those who may be looking for that. 

I offer flexible online private classes (and face-to-face ones when possible) for all levels. If you're interested please contact me!