Laptop Technician, Windows, Linux
A retired computer consultant helping the English speaking community of Madrid for over 11 years now. If you require any assistance with issues, PC and compatible Windows, Laptops mainly, Android Tablet, Android Phone . please contact me for consultation. Hardware, software trouble shooting. Over 25 years of IT experience. Hard Drive recovery , system Rebuild, Hardware/Software, Cleaning. Reasonable fee. Should you have any  old Laptop or Notebook, DonĀ“t throw them away, Let me Simply install Linux on it to make it work again for a low fee and bring it to life  . .Linux Mint 20, an open source Operating System, no activation, registration, license required. Mint 20 comes with the whole package of applications like open office, MS Office compatible for free and many other useful applications within the Operating system. For those who have the old laptop with old Windows version or have no activation keys, I seriously recommend Linux 20 Operating system to bring your old laptop to life. MANY APPLICATIONS ARE AVAILABLE FOR Linux TO INSTALL SUCH AS SKYPE,TELEGRAM, ZOOM AND MANY OTHERS FOR YOUR REMOTE WORK. In addition,  Android Phones and Tablets issues. In case of parts, purchasing parts is required, which can be done online if needed . Sorry I don't carry parts.  . .Thanks for your time.  Just to remind you this is a remote service visiting you at home or outdoor to look at the issues.