29 years old
Conversation & Pronunciation Coach
Depending on students' needs and aims, I try to adjust and select several teaching approaches and techniques, and together with a student, we design a customized course that would meet students' goals. One of the most effective and useful approaches I like to use in my classes is the communicative approach. It evolves not only grammar but also communicative skills that are the key to the interaction. In the lessons, we talk a lot about different things a student is interested in and make many curious exercises to make the student more confident and able to apply the knowledge received in the classes in real-life situations.

I am a British Native originally from near Manchester, now here in Madrid for a several years and specialised in teaching Practical/Conversational English classes directed towards students looking to go beyond the books and helping them make that next step in developing their English. 

My classes are tailored towards helping people find that next step in learning English, by putting your personality into the language and really making that step towards fluency.

 Whether it's planning meetings, presentations, expanding your vocabulary beyond the books, focusing on improving your confidence in English or just wanting to brush up on your conversation skills, we can plan and do it together! 

For me having a natural conversation whilst correcting you and advancing your skills, vocabulary and confidence is a pleasure to do and i'm available from 17:30 or at weekends.

Sometimes available from 1-2pm on my lunchbreak around Retiro also. 


€15 per hour.