School Nurse
King's College School is seeking to appoint an inspiring, committed and passionate nurse to work alongside teaching staff and parents to promote and help safe-guard the health of school-aged children; and to offer support to members of staff in the care of our pupils.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

· Adheres to all school policies, in particular those related to safeguarding, health and safety and confidentiality

· Deals professionally and compassionately with all accidents or minor incidents that take place during the school day

· If necessary, accompanies pupils / staff to hospital or health centre with the permission of a member of the College SLT

· Notifies parents courteously and calmly of any serious incidents requiring your attention

· Keeps accurate records on iSAMS of all incidents and treatment given to pupils and staff and make these available to the College SLT and Inspectorate

· Supports and contributes to the PSHE programme in school as requested

· Notifies the Heads of School and the Headteacher of any serious incidents either by telephone or in person and records it on the appropriate system

· Monitors and controls pupils with chronic diseases and keep staff informed of any special requirements; liaising directly with parents

· At the written request of parents only, administers medication as required during the school day and keeps appropriate and compliant records of this

· Supports with the first aid and health and safety requirements 
 during our July summer school.

· Monitors and oversees pupils with special dietary needs and keeps the kitchen staff informed of such requirements

· Assists in the dining hall (when appropriate) at Infant and Primary lunch times, encouraging healthy and balanced diet and etiquette.

· Maintains and secures an adequate stock of medical equipment and medication

· Ensures that the medical room is kept in good order at all times and that the privacy of pupils is maintained.

· Controls any outbreaks of contagious diseases, including head lice, and informs/advises parents immediately

· Informs and liaises with Health Authorities regarding any outbreaks of infectious diseases among pupils. Provides guidance for parents and staff as required.

· Provides an appropriate First Aid kit and general medical/dietary advice for teachers on school trips

· Manages the replenishment of First Aid kits around the school