Hello! I am Brendan, a 29 year old Irish guy living in Madrid. I am near Puerta de Toledo and live with my partner plus two friends. It's been almost 3 years here for me, and it's been... interesting! I had no idea I would make this far. I teach English, enjoy dancing, reading, movies and eating out, plus meeting new people! I'm a creative type, not one for sports at all, although I do enjoy physical activity somewhat. 

Vale... I need to improve my Spanish. Yes, I already live with 3 Spaniards but the problem is I have so much vergüenza surrounding my need to practice, it is agonizing speaking with them. I am slow and my vocab is poor. I cannot keep a conversation going. Si tienes lo mismo problema en inglés pues escríbame! Necesito mas fluidez, como el ríooooo

The other problem is that I have tried a few times to find a conversation partner, someone who is somewhat dedicated. No ha sido un exito. A weekly or bi-weekly basis is fine for me in person. Te gustan los idiomas como yo? Otras experiencias de la vida? Si no te gusta, no soy la persona para ti y no pasa nada! Es decir, espero que seas una persona similar a mi, porque necesitamos buena conversación y buen rollo! I am easy going, and want the experience to be fun, and I am very open minded. 

Other than that, it would be nice if you were of a similar level to me (creo que tengo un nivel de B2.... BAJO... pero B2 jeje). I don't want to be too burdensome or you for me. Aunque si no es un problema para ti - escríbame! 

Que tengas un buen día. merci! 

Email me if you want but a whatsapp conversation might speed things up in terms of getting to know each other before meeting.