Native teachers - various classes
In English Please is looking for professional native teachers for the following classes. 

Please could you send over your CV and the job you are applying for. 

DA SA - Calle Juan Pérez Zúñiga
Great class offer here, once a week for 1.5 hours.

It's to have conversation and do business English, he would like to leave Spain and so the classes are aimed around interviews, presentations and phone/in-person conversations. 

Class can take place Monday or Wednesday 1800-1930

Let me know which.
CRI 686 cdq - Calle de Castelló
Class here with three kids, they want fun play classes that teach.
45mins 11 year old B2
30’ with 9 year old B1
and 15’ with 4 year old A1/A2
Sessions are 1.5 hours, two sessions a week
The availability is:
Monday and Wednesday 1800-1930
or Thursday 1700-1900
I am quite sure class could begin from 1730, but they prefer 1800.
Calle de Castelló is by Lista, Velazquez (brown line) and Nuñez balboa (green and purple).
Please could you let me know your rate and when you would like to start
AM AMA 646 - Calle Condado de Treviño
Class here for 1,5 hours, once a week.
It's with two kids around 14 years old.
Calle Condado de Treviño, metro banbú or Pinar de Chamartin
Mainly class is conversation.
Tuesday or wednesday 1730
Please could you let me know your rate and when you would like to start
Old classes that need teachers
FRA 629 - c/ rio tietar - aravaca
Two children, around 6 years old with a high level. Father wants them to have conversation class.
They are available monday to thursday 1830-2000. They prefer wednesday.
Class is one hour, if it must be 1,5, let me know.
c/ rio tietar
Let me know how much you would charge and what day you would like.

Class offer, 1,5 hours all year.
Monday or wednesday 1730 start.
Kid is in 4th of primary.
Play and conversation class.
AL 649 - Rios rosas
This is a great class teaching a kid who is around 15 years old.
They live around Calle Rios Rosas, that's the metro with the same name.
Class takes place monday 1800-1930, 1,5 hours.
Class is conversation, grammar, level building. So it should be quite fun.
Please let me know your rate.