URGENT - Tweens English teacher needed
We are currently looking for a teacher for our Tweens&Teens centre. We offer a aprox. 19 hours a week part time contract (13 teaching hours aprox.) in the afternoons, starting at 15:30. We provide training, materials, lesson plans, and constant guidance and support. 

Native English speaker or Proficiency level English. If native, you should be able to understand and use Spanish (C1 Spanish level).
Experience of 2 two years teaching groups of tweens or teens (ages 8-14).
EU work permit, NIE and SS number.
Enthusiasm and passion for teaching.

About Kids&Us El Retiro: We are an English language school for kids (ages from 1 to 14) located right next to Retiro park (metro Ibiza/Sainz de Baranda). We follow an effective and fun methodology to create the best environment for learning, and we already have a strong, passionate team of teachers from previous years. Our classes are group classes and all of the materials and lesson plans are provided. Our students' and teachers' safety is extremely important for us.