Biology and Chemistry Teacher
Missing “Adventure” & “Challenge” as a teacher? Join our Start up School in Madrid! Based in Madrid (Spain), here at Limitless Minds International (L.M.I) College, we are on the hunt for charismatic and creative individuals with a strong passion for teaching that have an interest in taking education to another level.
L.M.I College is a small start-up school with the mission of empowering students with learning disabilities and differences to recognize and optimize their potential. Designed around how each child learns best, an Individualized Holistic Education Plan (IHEP) integrates cognitive, academic, social, and behavioral strategies into a comprehensive program designed to educate the whole child.
We welcome students ages 12 through 18 into a dynamic new learning environment brimming with optimism. Working quickly to break down barriers, build trust, and rebuild self-confidence, we embrace students in a nurturing environment where each child feels accepted and supported.
This holistic experience produces students with the tools, skills, and confidence to become effective self-advocates and independent learners able to succeed in school, find fulfilling careers, and lead balanced, multi-faceted lives.
 Although LMI College is a new start up as a school, the organization itself has been around since 1997 and is built from passionate teachers who are willing to take education to another level through developing the T.E.O Algorithm.
If you think this is a place for you we are looking for Natural Sciences Teacher (Biology and Chemistry) to join the team from January 2023! 

Job Responsibilities
•	Prepare and create teaching materials as noted by head of departments
•	Communicate and co-operate with other teachers
•	Monitor students progress and maintain a portfolio for each student
•	Attend all weekly meetings with the classroom teaching team as scheduled
•	Assist colleagues in reviewing and editing all materials
•	Maintain relationships with parents and keep them well-informed about their child's progress
•	Represent the school and participate in campus and community events as needed
•	Working days: Monday to Friday
•	Teaching hours: From 9:00 to 17:00
To successfully apply for a position, the requirements are
•	Bilingual English level
•	Must have PGCE or Master's Degree in Teaching and at least 2 years of teaching experience in bilingual schools.
•	Eligible to work in Europe