two class offers in centre and las tablas
We are looking for a professional teacher for the following classes. Please send CV and job description for the job you are interested in.  Salazar - b2 help with English for and beyond school

2 eso, needs help with school work and general English and confidence building. 

Level B2, more or less.

c/ Luis de Salazar

One hour a week 

Wednesday 1700-2000

Please let me know the time you would do the class and the rate you would charge. 

MON Basson 619 - C/ Cardeñuela Riopico
This student would like classes of 1,5 hours. 

Monday 1800-1930

Occasionaly they may have more time in the week for class. I.e. class on another day but at same time.

Will be basic English for a while and then she will move to business English and work on her presentation etc. 

C/ Cardeñuela Riopico - it's in las tablas. 

Please let me know your rate.