Native teachers - various classes
In English Please is looking for a teacher for the following classes. Please send your CV over with a suggested rate. 

ANG online
Class online for a young student. Conversation class, 45 minute sessions. Tuesday and thursday 1800-1830 start for 45mins.

Mother has asked for online conversational resources, she really wants the teacher to have material in order to promote conversation so that the student speaks. I am really looking for that. 

15€ for 45minute classes.

Could you suggest a time to start?

MIG - two people - conversation

Great class, one hour, once a week from 1800 to 1900 
anyday from monday to thursday

They could do class also in the range of 1900-2000

Calle Alfonso XII, 34 - by retiro, banco de españa metro

The students want to improve their written and oral communication. 

They have also commented that they really want to be corrected, their last teacher didn't. 

We would like to run one taster class first. 

22€ the hour

Salazar - b2 help with English for and beyond school

2 eso, needs help with school work and general English and confidence building. 

Level B2, more or less.

c/ Luis de Salazar

One hour a week 

Wednesday 1700-2000

Please let me know the time you would do the class and the rate you would charge. 

MON Basson 619 - C/ Cardeñuela Riopico
This student would like classes of 1,5 hours. 

Monday 1800-1930

Occasionaly they may have more time in the week for class. I.e. class on another day but at same time.

Will be basic English for a while and then she will move to business English and work on her presentation etc. 

C/ Cardeñuela Riopico - it's in las tablas. 

Please let me know your rate?