Interested in saving money on rent?
Hello! Is anyone interested in saving money on rent starting in September and working as an au pair by Atocha?     

The family I used to work with is looking for a new au pair to help bring their 6yo daughter to school in the mornings at 9 am and then be with her for 90 min in the afternoons speaking in English (no Spanish even if you know haha), that is all. So no more than 3 hours a day of time invested M-F and you get your own room in their house and they pay gastos (free central air hahaha!!!) :) 

PM me for more details! I was with them for 7 months and they're looking for a stay of 6 months or more (preferably the entire school year). I can't speak more highly of the mom, she is super organized and flexible on the day-to-day and we still chat. The daughter is amazing, with a huge personality so you'll never be bored ;)