online two students
Good day, In English Please is looking for fun, reliable and professional teachers to work with us. You should be well organised, well dressed and have a fantastic sense of humour. 

Would all interested candidates please follow the instructions given in the job offer writing an email to us with the job reference in the sbject line and any other details. 

Reference: CRI 617 ONLINE 2 students

When: Monday and wednesday 1830-2000 (one hour classes)
Other options: Tuesday and thursday 1830-2000 (one hour classes)
Duration: 1 hour twice a week

End date: summer?

Level:  b1/b2 (typical intermediate level)

Why: conversation, grammar, interviews 

Suggested rate: TBC
Other details or conditions: They are not huge fans of lots of grammar exersizes, you should do a little "what do you want and need" check as they certainly have clear ideas. 
They want homework. 
They are interested in: games, travel, film, music, food - they are a young and dynamic couple. 

We would like to start a soon as possible. Let me know the rate.

I'd like to suggest that online is super competitive, we have teachers all over the world applying for them, so this should be kept in mind.