Counselling / Gestalt therapy
Counselling / Gestalt therapy offered in person in Madrid and online in English and Spanish.

Seeking therapy can be daunting. Even when we know something must change, it can feel more comfortable to stick with old habits. Clients are often surprised to hear me say - we keep "bad" habits for good reasons. We develop predictable patterns to feel safe when we lack outside support to help us feel grounded, connected, accomplished, or hopeful. I support clients to increase their awareness of their own patterns, perceptions, reactions, learned behaviours, and real desires, so they have more choice in how they respond to people and situations and can take steps to build better relationships and more fulfilling lives.

Simple talk therapy doesn't always work. Even if we can identify our most problematic patterns, it's not easy to change them. We work in sessions to understand and unlock persistent and challenging behaviours that may be deeply lodged in the nervous system. I use somatic awareness techniques to help clients reconnect their minds with their bodies and other body-focused methods to help clients unravel these entrenched patterns.

My approach is based on Gestalt therapy, somatic awareness and breathe exercises to help to get you in touch with your feelings and explore the complex factors that influence your thoughts, emotions and behaviours. We focus on how you are right now in the present moment and consider how past, old patterns influence you. 

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Mark Evans 
Gestalt and Somatic Therapist AETG, BRWT.
Tel/Whatsapp 609263311