English teacher looking to practice French
Salut! I am an American English teacher looking for someone to do an English-French language exchange.

Not only am I a native speaker, but I also have almost a decade of experience teaching English in a variety of contexts, including in classroom settings, one-on-one or small group classes, and even through casual conversation classes/language exchanges. 

I have a higher level of French, but would love to find un ami/e to practice speaking French regularly with in exchange for English practice. :)

I live in the center of Madrid. I could meet later in the evenings on weekdays or anytime on the weekends. On weekdays I would need to meet in the center, but on weekends I could meet outside of the center.

I have a variety of interests, so I highly doubt coming up with things to talk about would be a problem, and would also like practice talking about things I'm not necessary interested in since often times this is where a person lacks essential vocabulary.

I'm a nice guy who loves to have a laugh and a good time, but also enjoys a good deep conversation.