31 years old
Good day parents! My name is Mary Jane Cinco, I'm an English assistant teacher in Colegio Estudiantes. If you're looking for after class English reinforcement/class I'm definitely free and at your service. 

Im free every Tuesday and Thursday after 17:00. 

Here's my quick background: 
Im 31 years old. Im a graduate of BS. Psychology. Im an experienced English Teacher, working here in Madrid.

I’ve been a language assistant teacher for 3 years now, as for my first year, I worked for Colegio Asuncion Cuestablanca, teaching primary 1&2 students. For my second and third year here, I’m under the program of Ministry of Education, I was assigned to a nursery school- EOI El Valle. Currently working in Colegio Estudiantes - Las Tablas

I have a lot of good references and I can assure you that they can vouch for my good work. 

Speaking of work, Im knowledgeable about a lot of things, not only that, I'm also a very passionate person. These are the things that I can do/perform based on my experience: 

???? For children to teenagers:
    ?Spelling, Grammar and Vocabulary 
    ?Reading, Writing and Speaking practices 
    ?Homework and upcoming exams preparations 
    ?General improvement
    ?Preparation for PET, FCE, and CAE (Cambridge) exams

???? For young adults and adults:
    ?Preparation for Cambridge Exam
    ?A1 to C1 English literacy
    ?Conversational English 
    ?Business English 

Here's my email

My WhatsApp: 

If you have any question, feel free to ask. 
Really hoping for a positive feedback. 

Thanks ????