25 years old
A certified bilingual English teacher-improve spoken English
Do you want to be a great confident speaker, without any fear and doubt, but instead feel happy and proud while speaking English ?
Do you want others to be in envy and amazed of the vocabulary you use and the way you pronounce the words?

Are you ready to invest in yourself with my special program of 1:1 conversational English lessons? 
I’m Dario, I am a certified bilingual English teacher – I completely understand the struggle you are going through, you doubt yourself when you make mistakes, and I really feel your desire to be a confident and great English speaker, I’m the perfect teacher to show you the way of how easy it is to learn English if you follow my specific strategy.

I specialise in English classes for college students and adults who want to improve their spoken English and fluency (ability to hold a proper conversation). Improve their pronunciation, learn high- level expressions and phrases. And enrich your vocabulary with rich English words
Have you ever known what you want to say but not know how to say it? Don’t worry, I was in the same situation like you! Fortunately, there is a solution!
With my personalized and engaging student-centered weekly classes, you will discover the way of speaking English confidently without the fear of making mistakes. 
You will speak fluently, confidently and you’re going to be able to hold a proper conversation.
Not only this, you will also have a huge step forward for later in life when speaking English. 
What to do next? Contact me to get a 20-minute free discovery call. 
You can directly message me on WhatsApp +38977837185 or send me a message 
on Skype: dario.trajkovic