25 years old
Bilingual English teacher perfect for your child
Are you wanting to be a fantastic parent and improve your child’s English? Do you want to devote your time and help your child,but you are extremely busy? Do you want your child to feel confident and happy when learning English? Do you want your child to learn English in a happy, engaging and friendly environment?
Are you wanting to invest in 1:1 English lessons while your child is the perfect age to learn English?

My name’s Dario, I’m a bilingual and a certified English teacher especially for kids. 
I specialize in English classes specifically for school children between the ages of 6-14 years old. 
I know the struggle of learning a language as a kid, I know how hard it is for a kid to keep learning and learning yet don’t understand anything. I feel the pain and feeling incapable of learning.
Especially how hard it is to motivate and encourage your child in times like that, on top of that
you are busy with work and other obligations. My parents were in the same situation and I was in the same situation like your child, so don’t worry, you are not alone. Fortunately, there’s a solution!

With my personalized and engaging weekly classes, your child will drastically improve his/her confidence in a friendly environment without the fear of making mistakes, 
Not only this, your child will also have a huge step forward for later in life when speaking English.
I will accompany your child with love and patience, constantly encourage your child, enhance the child's confidence, let the child speak English bravely! – without judgement / without feeling scared to make mistakes.
What to do next? Contact me to get a 20-minute free discovery call. (get to know each other, to determine the goals and needs for your kid)
You can directly message me on WhatsApp +38977837185 or send me a message 
on Skype: dario.trajkovic