Physics tutor needed

I have a student who is doing international baccalaureate (IB program) in English, this is the last two years of high school (the equivlant of A Levels) and he would like help with math higher level and physics higher level.  You can do both classes or just one subject if you prefer.  2 hours per week in total, one hour per each subject.  He would like to do in person classes and can come and meet you at a location that is good for you.  He is available: 
Monday from 1630h to 1930h
Tuesday and Thursday anytime after 1745h
Wednesday 1520h to 1830h
Friday after 1620h
and on the weekends, but the weekends would have to be a flexible schedule as he has volleyball matches that do not follow a fixed schedule. I have all of the class material for you.
27 euros per hour gross
Please let me know if you are interested, if you want to do both subjects or which subject you want to do, and what day, time and location is and send your CV to ernestsolis2@gmail.com
Thank you