Drama or dance teacher in beautiful bilingual riding camp
2013 Summer camp  teacher

Dates : 30th of June the 10th  of July
	14th of July to 24th July

What we are looking for
•	Either a native speaker or someone who speaks English to a high level.
•	Ideally someone who speaks Spanish.

•	Someone easy going and enthusiastic who enjoys working with young people.

What we offer
•	Accommodation in our hostel on site.
•	Breakfast lunch and dinner.
•	600€ payment per camp ( 10 nights / 10 days )

What the work involves
The  teacher will be required to teach 3 classes in the morning ( 3 hours of teaching )and is responsible for teaching in the evening ( 1 hour)  . At the end of the course the students  do a show .   All classes should be given in English.
	We expect the teacher to interact with the students throughout the day and help in activities. This means that on some days the teacher will be responsible for them while they are at the swimming pool  etc. Co-operation is also expected when for example clearing or laying the table for meals and during group activities in the evening etc. At night the English and riding teachers sleep in the hostel with the students ( although not in the same room).    
	We have been running the camp for over nine years and have many students who return year after year. The camp has a reputation for being fun,  professional ,well organised and that students get a lot out of it. We are looking for someone hard working , enthusiastic,  responsible and able to have a good time while ensuring that the students learn something. There is lots of support given to the teachers and as there are only 24 students and 5 staff members there is time to organise all activities well.

 However, the camp is a 24 hour experience and teachers need to understand this before accepting the job.

 Staff in the past have had a good time and worked as a team with the co-ordinators to ensure that everyone finishes the camp happy.   
	The nearest village is Cenicero( 1km ). Logroño is the capital of the province ( 21 km) and we are next to the Basque Country. There are many places of interest in the region and the Camino Santiago passes through La Rioja. The weather in Summer tends to be very hot but not always!