Free App pays to speak English (non-native speakers too)
There is a free mobile app which pays $10/hour (around £6.60) for talking English to Chinese people. You don't need any experience teaching English but you must have a....
-High level of English
-PayPal account
-Smartphone with video chat capability
-Strong Wi-Fi connection
-Friendly personality

The clients are Chinese people wanting to practise their English with native speakers. It only requires conversation and no teaching, lesson plans, or homework! Great if you want to learn some Chinese or find out some nice recipes/cooking tips & general culture.

How to apply!    http://t.cn/Rypk5G5   Click The link on your PHONE for The link to The mobile App 
-First, you must download the app , then upload a video of yourself talking (only around 30seconds) a little bit about yourself... This will NOT be uploaded to the app it is only for the administrators to test your English proficiency...make sure you talk loudly, clearly and at a good pace.


-Fill in your profile, a photo, a little bit about your teaching experience, if you have any.
Don't worry if you don't, as long as you are patient friendly and understanding.
 You can upload a video if you want, but it is not obligatory. 

Wait, usually around 1 day until you are approved. When you are approved you will have the option to go online/offline and wait for the calls to come in and you can start talking & making money...
The money will go into your PayPal account every week if you have $20 (2 hours talking) 

$10 welcome joining prize
When the app is online you will receive video call requests to talk, Skype style.
Click this link to go to the App/Play Store, download