American Language Academy is an established private language school located in central Madrid. Most of our students are adult professionals. We require a Skype or personal interview which includes a brief demonstration class. Class sizes are small and all materials are provided to the teacher. There is a huge teacher resource library including a wide array of photocopiable materials, video and audio resources as well as internet access for teachers to use. The Direction of Studies also offers extensive teacher support.

Level of Qualifications required:
- TEFL/TESOL/CELTA (if not, we offer an intensive TEFL course)
- 1 year teaching experience (new teacher positions will be equally considered for entry positions)
- Bachelor Degree (or currently enrolled in a university)

Salary from: 1200 – 1350 € (Average full-time 26.5 hours/week)

- Free Spanish classes for teachers.
- Teacher Training Development Program: It is run by the Direction of Studies at ALA and consists of peer observations, mock classes, lesson and objective planning, resource and materials orientation, short workshops on grammar, and exploiting the course book. 

VISA REQUIREMENTS (different options): 
A.	EU Citizens
B.	Non-EU citizens with fully valid work permit for Spain
C.	Non-EU citizens holding a 1-year student visa 
D.	Canadian citizens holding a working holiday visa under the Youth Mobility program (we can help you get this visa)
E.	Non-EU citizens having studied for at least three years in Spain on a student visa (we can help you convert it into a work visa)

For more information please send your résumé to efl@americanlanguage.es