33 years old
Native English Teacher_general English/ official exams
Hello everybody! I am Diana, a bilingual English teacher based in Barcelona. Let’s be honest. There are thousands of English teachers out there. So, why choose me as your teacher? 

- [ ] I’m an avid language learner myself. My language background includes English, Russian, Spanish, some German and even Catalan! Trust me I know what it feels like to learn a foreign language, struggling with grammar, vocabulary culture differences and interference of your native language. I’m happy to share all the knowledge I’ve accumulated! 
- [ ] The easiest path to become an English teacher is to take a CELTA course, which I did. But what I’m proud of is my University degree in teaching English as a foreign language. I spent years at the uní before I was eligible to teach English. So, in my face you’ll meet a teacher, an instructor or a mentor, familiar with the variety of teaching methodologies and approaches. 
- [ ] For every teacher it’s essential to continue learning. Live and learn is my philosophy. For the last few years I’ve been doing PhD in linguistics, improving my techniques in exam preparation courses like GMAT and GRE, so to say, expanding my teaching arsenal. 
- [ ] Irrespective of the purpose of the course, I find it essential to personalize classes to the needs of the student. I care a lot about establishing rapport with everyone I have classes with and this is proved by many positive testimonies from my students. 
I’ll be happy to have you as my new student! See you in the virtual classroom! I do both individual and in-company classes.