28 years old
Online English Teacher- exam technique and speaking practice
Are you struggling to prepare for your upcoming English exam?
Do you feel awkward or embarrassed when practising your English conversation?
I can help! My name is Ellie, I am a native English teacher from the UK. I specialise in preparing students for exams and working on exam technique so you can pick up as many marks as possible. I also offer speaking practice for pupils who feel shy or lack confidence in their speaking. I know what it's like, I've been there too!
Through my low-pressure classes you will develop your speaking skills so you can speak confidently. You will also learn tricks on how to avoid common mistakes in your exam so that you can achieve the grade you need and deserve.
What to do next? Contact me for a free 20 minute call to see how I can help you.
Message me directly on Facebook: facebook.com/teacherellied or send me an email: teacherellie@outlook.com