Theoretical-practical introductory course to the ancient art of Storytelling for Speakers of English as a Foreign Language.

What you will learn: This is a theoretical-practical introductory course to the ancient art of Storytelling. In our weekly meetings, we will work on different topics, such as text adaptation, folk tales, myths, legends, mystery and horror stories, fairy tales and kamishibai, among others. 
Frequency: weekly meetings
Duration: to be discussed (6 meetings, 4 months, or 8 months)
Learning modality: online Via Zoom
This class is perfect for:  Intermediate or advanced students of Spanish as a Foreign Language who would like to improve their comprehension, speaking skills and develop their capacity of improvisation through making full use of their creativity.
Ages: children (+9 y/o), teenagers and adults
Minimum level: B1 (learners should be able to communicate using present and past tenses)
Class size: 1-8 students

Pls. contact me for further details.