Summer Camp Performing Arts Teacher
Key responsibilities and Accountabilities:

General duties
•	Staff must respect the guidelines set down by King’s College 
•	Staff is required to attend the Training Day/planning sessions 
         before the start of the Course.
•	Staff is responsible for ensuring that they maintain good 
        standards of personal hygiene and appearance at all times.
•	The uniform provided by King’s College S.L. should be worn at 
         all times as well as suitable footwear.
•	All staff should arrive on the agreed starting date (to be 
•	Staff should follow the Non-Residential course timetable and be 
        punctual at all times.
•	Be willing to work a flexible timetable.
•	Be responsible, professional and flexible in all your duties.
•	Ensure that children are given adequate care when feeling 
        unwell or injured.
•	Be responsible for the well-being of the children in your class 
        and all the children on the course.
•	Maintain an awareness and observation of fire, health and 
        safety regulations.

Teaching Duties
•	Use English at all times with the children in the course.
•	Follow the Course Book and prepare classes and workshops 
        according to the level and age of your group.
•	Create lesson plans on a daily basis demonstrating clear aims 
        and objectives for every class.
•	Be responsible for the well-being of the children in the course 
        and make sure they are never left un- attended within the 
•	Teach and manage groups of 10 – 15 students between the 
         ages of 6 to 16 years old.
•	Be prepared to do a rotation of the following duties between all 
        members of staff: break times, mealtimes, and supervision 
        during pool times.
•	Chaperone the students on organised excursions in the camp 
•	Cover classes (if and when requested to do so by the Director).
•	Undertake a formal lesson observation that will be assessed by 
        the Academic Coordinator at some time during the course.
•	Be responsible for the materials provided by the Course for any 
        activity organised.
Core competencies and skills: 
•	Plan, prioritise and organise tasks and activities
•	Communicate effectively
•	Maintain and uphold professional values and ethics
•	Manage time, meet deadlines and commitments
•	Develop effective personal networks
•	Computer skills