Summer Camp Lifeguard
Non-Residential Monitors will report to the Activities/Academic Coordinator and, when necessary, the Course Director.

Key responsibilities and Accountabilities:

 General duties 
•Staff must respect the guidelines set down by King’s College S.L. (Staff Handbook).
•Staff is required to attend the Training Days/planning sessions before the start of the Course.
•Staff is responsible for ensuring that they maintain good standards of personal hygiene and appearanceat all times.
•The uniform provided by King’s College S.L. should be worn at all times as well as suitablefootwear.
•All staff should arrive on the agreed starting date.
•Follow the established course timetable and be punctual at all times.
•Be willing to work a flexible timetable.
•Be responsible, professional and flexible in all your duties.
•Ensure that children are given adequate care when feeling unwell or injured.
•Maintain an awareness and observation of fire and health and safety regulations (Staff Hand- book).
•Unpacking and packing of pool material should take place the day before the course starts.
•Work as part of a team.

Monitoring duties 
•Ensure that children are not left unattended during the pool period.
•Be responsible for the well-being of the children in the Non-Residential, Infants and Residential Course.
•Supervise and manage children between the ages of three to sixteen years in the pool.
•Teaching and supervising the optional swimming lessons for infants, younger and older age groups.
•Administer first aid to children when necessary.
•Inform the Coordinator or Director of any child who incurs an injury, accident and who feels unwell dur- ing the pool period.
•Participate in the administration/management of the smooth running of optional swimming lessons.
•Maintain vigilance over members of staff in the Summer School when on duty at the swimming pool.
•Attend all staff meetings.
•Be prepared to do a rotation of the following duties between all members of staff: break times, mealtimes,...