Year 5 teacher to start January 2024.
Welcome to Green Stone British International School!

At Green Stone, we believe in shaping the future through innovative education. As a rapidly expanding institution, we are seeking passionate and dedicated Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 teachers to join our dynamic team. Our school, fully authorised by the British Council and NABSS, provides a unique educational experience focusing on the values of Safety, Connection, Respect, Responsibility, Problem Solving, and Learning.

We are looking for a year 5 teacher to start January 2024.

We Are Looking For Teachers Who:

Innovative Practitioners: Embrace new techniques and innovative pedagogies.
Engagement Architects: Make learning exciting and fun while maintaining high academic standards.
Champions of Well-being: Value well-being as highly as academic success.
Collaborative Problem Solvers: Are supportive team members with a problem-solving mindset.
Expectation Setters: Set high expectations for learning and behaviour.
Restorative Practitioners: Confident in restorative practices for positive relationships and conflict resolution.
Agents of Change: Believe that the change we wish to see starts with us, the adults, modeling for the children.
Life Project Enthusiasts: Educators who want to be part of a life project, contributing to the holistic development of our students and the school.
Qualifications required:
Hold a BA Hons with QTS/PGCE/equivalent from an International University.
Are native-level English speakers.
Suitable for both NQTs and experienced teachers.
hold a spanish working permit, EU passport.