teacher who lives near rios rosas metro
IEP is looking for a teacher who lives in this area. Please send your CV to us with your address so we can assess distance and the certificado.  

Reference: AL teachers home, kid class

Where: teachers home should be near Rios rosas metro. 
When: Wednesdays 1630-1730, fridays 1530-1630, they are unsure if they will do two days or one. If one, it will be friday. Please advise me regarding your availablilty and if you would only do friday. 
Other options: No, they will be after school. 

Duration: one hour

End date: summer breaks but indefinite 

Level: b1
Why: Lots and lots of speaking and grammar and helping with school. 

Suggested rate: negotionable, I suggest 24€ the session. Please counter if necessary. 
Other details or conditions: We would like to start a soon as possible. Please, offer me your rate too if it is different from advertised. Please offer your address in response. Mother has very strong preference for female teacher. You must produce an updated Certificado de Delitos de Naturaleza Sexual.