Summer Camp Monitor ( Residential & Non Residential)
King's College, world-renowned for academic excellence, is seeking to appoint a dynamic, inspiring and ambitious professional to the position of Summer Camp Monitor.

Dates: July 1st - July 31st (Monday to Friday)

Key responsibilities and Accountabilities:

General duties:

· Staff must respect the guidelines set down by King's College S.L. (Staff Handbook).

· Staff is required to attend the Training Day/planning sessions before the start of the Course.

· Staff is responsible for ensuring that they maintain good standards of personal hygiene and appearance at all times.

· The uniform provided by King's College S.L. should be worn at all times as well as suitable footwear.

· All staff should arrive on the agreed starting date (to be confirmed).

· Staff should follow the Residential course timetable and be punctual at all times.

· Be willing to work a flexible timetable.

· Be responsible, professional and flexible in all your duties.

Monitoring Duties:

· Be prepared to take on a "24 hour a day" duty role.

· Be responsible for the well-being of the children in the course and make sure they are never left unattended within the camp and during offsite excursions.

· Use English at all times with the children in the course.

· Prepare and lead sports/activities for groups of 10 - 15 students
between the ages of six to seventeen years as well as night activities.

· Be responsible for a dormitory of children, run a daily dorm session/reunion with your group, and if necessary, make time outside the dorm time to listen/deal with problems if a child requires help.

· Be prepared to do a rotation of the following duties between all members of staff: waking the children up, break times, mealtimes, supervision pool times, night monitor duties.