Words matter. And words are what I work with. With extensive experience in the legal sector, I edit technical and complex documents. Working in a top firm demands rigor, excellence, efficiency and quality. These skills make a great editor, particularly ones who work on technical documents, where every word counts. THE WORLD MOVES FAST, NOW BUSY CLIENTS do not have time to read a long-winded sentence over and over again because a lawyer wrote it without giving it (or the client) a second thought… TIRED PROFESSORS do not have the patience to comprehend a student’s convoluted theory because they did not take the time to sharpen up their writing. OVERWORKED RECRUITERS do not have the patience to decipher awkwardly phrased sentences in CVs… THE PROBLEM: who has the time to reread, let alone rewrite, their writing? I DO! As an editor, my job is to make your documents shine. Good editors understand their clients' goals. That's why the client must be at the center of everything an editor does. The tone and style of each text depends on the target reader, context, purpose and field. That's why, before I even lay eyes on your precious work, I must first understand your objective... An Edition or a Proofread? First, we establish whether you want an edition or a proofread. EDITION A rigorous process, a typical editing job involves: - checking for any grammatical mistakes; - checking for spelling mistakes; - removing unnecessary clichés; - correcting poor word choices; - shortening sentences to make them clearer; - fixing awkward phrasing; - fixing paragraphing and formatting issues; and - inserting any comments/suggestions, if necessary. PROOFREAD More of a light polish, a typical proofread involves: - checking for any grammatical mistakes; - checking for spelling mistakes; - correcting poor word choices; and - fixing paragraphing issues. I CAN HELP YOU WITH: - Contracts - Emails (within one hour!) - Memos - CVs - Academic articles - Blog posts - LinkedIn biographies and posts (without one hour!) - And much more! Also, I mark the changes up for all the edits I do, so you can track the changes I make and learn from your mistakes. It’s a great way to improve your English grammar! For more information (e.g., prices and deadlines), contact me on 603 736 815 (WhatsApp) or by email at gavinpattison@aol.com


This is an unpaid internship Are you into fashion? Would you like an opportunity to work as a Social Media Digital Marketing Assistant for an up and coming online fashion store? If you are just starting out and you have a strong desire to hone a particular set of skills, this internship is an effective way to accomplish your goals. We are looking for English speaking interns to work in this unique position. The successful candidates should be communicative, organised, dynamic, keen to learn and able to work closely with me collaborating and developing the brand identity and voice together . Responsibilities: Owning – day to day management of all social media platforms. Plan and develop social media marketing strategies to deliver timely campaigns that will create a positive and engaging image · Creating – content plans and articles for online channels. Design and publish content (original text, images, videos, links) on our social media channels to deepen engagement, gain followers, and grow traffic to our blogs and websites; · Outreach – to bloggers and other online media, including identifying new influencers and developing relationships. · Analyse – By actively monitoring social media trends. Compiling regular performance reports using social media tools. · Support – Manage and optimize paid social media campaigns to maximize the impact of the content produced and reach key target audiences Minimum requirements: Up to date with the latest fashion and industry trends. Access to your own computer and internet connection. Knowledge of SEO Excellent communication skills in English. (written and spoken). Passionate about the digital marketing world and have knowledge of the competitive landscape. Organised, pay attention to detail and are able to meet deadlines. Photography and editing skills a bonus. Benefits Free clothes and accessories ( within limits!) This internship can provide you with the hands-on experience you need to gain a better understanding of complex topics including content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and website development. Also it will be a lot of fun. Internship hours : Minimum 10 hours per week Location: Barcelona / Remote Availability: Minimum 3 months 2 Positions Available If this opportunity interests you send your CV along with a brief description of why this would be the perfect position for you to basicbfashion@gmail.com