Coming to see a therapist for the first time is often a daunting experience, but within a very short time people usually feel more comfortable and find it helpful as they begin to see their problems in a different light. People can have light bulb moments where they suddenly understand something that’s been troubling them for years. More usually there is a continuous process learning about how you operate in the world, and the effect this has on the people you meet. A counsellor, unlike friends or family, is not personally involved and can therefore be objective and nonjudgmental. Therapy helps with a variety of problems: major life transitions such as divorce, death of a loved one redundancy changing your occupation. All kinds of stress panic attacks, anxiety, and depression current or longstanding. All these problems can be explored and are often resolved over time. Deep seated childhood issues may emerge, which may have been contributing to current difficulties.  Working through your problems can lead to a much more positive outlook, increased competence and confidence, feeling of lightness, even happiness. One person I worked with had a metaphor for this: It was like dropping a stitch while knitting a jumper; the whole garment came unravelled. But now I know how to pick up some dropped stitches, it’s not the end of the world like it used to be. Clients often become more positive in their outlook as the work continues, finding it easier to live and function in the world in a more enjoyable and self-empowered way. I work with people in a variety of ways choosing one which I think will suit them personally. I usually take a short history to begin during which the main issues start to emerge, and then I work to develop their awareness in a very supportive manner. I may work with their dreams, or use various props to make their problem come alive. I encourage and support the client to look at their pain, grief, anger, despair, fear or jealousy, but only when they feel ready to do this. After a while, when they have developed enough self-support, I may present challenges to them. Please get in touch and we can see if I can help. Mark Evans AEGT, BWRT. 609263311 tel or Whatsapp


Looking for 2 rooms in a shared apartment Madrid Centro (Lavapiés/La Latina/Anton Martin Malasaña ). From Mid January/ early February. Budget: 400-500 per room Hello everyone, my friend and I (25) are looking for 2 rooms in the same apartment in the centre of Madrid, either in a 2 bedroom apartment or open to share with one or 2 others as well! A little about us. I’m from Ireland and have been in Madrid for the last 3 and a half years, I moved first as a language assistant and now I work in study abroad. I love exploring new cafes, going to the cinema and visiting galleries. I like to have a cosy, relaxed home environment where we can also watch a movie or make dinner together every so often. Annie is moving to Madrid this month from the US to be a language assistant. Loves running, staying active, art, trying new restaurants/cafes/bars and exploring new cities. Likes to have a welcoming home environment that stays relatively tidy and respectful. Likes to balance a friendship with roommates as well as independent interests and activities. If you know of a place or think we could be a good fit please reach about my commenting below or sending me a pm Busco 2 habitaciones en piso compartido Madrid Centro (Lavapiés/La Latina/Anton Martin Malasaña ). A partir de mediados de enero/principios de febrero. Presupuesto: 400-500 por habitación ¡Hola a todos, mi amigo y yo (25) estamos buscando 2 habitaciones en el mismo piso en el centro de Madrid, ya sea en un piso de 2 habitaciones o somos tb abierto a compartir con uno o 2 más! Un poco sobre nosotras. Soy de Irlanda y llevo 3 años en Madrid, me mudé primero como asistente de idiomas y ahora trabajo en el estudio en el extranjero. Me encanta explorar nuevos cafés, ir al cine y visitar galerías. Me gusta tener un ambiente hogareño acogedor y relajado donde también podamos ver una película o hacer la cena juntos de vez en cuando. Annie se muda a madrid este mes desde EEUU para ser asistente de idiomas. Le encanta correr, mantenerse activa, el arte, probar nuevos restaurantes/cafés/bares y explorar nuevas ciudades. Le gusta tener un ambiente acogedor en casa que se mantiene relativamente ordenado y respetuoso. Le gusta equilibrar una amistad con compañeros de piso, así como intereses y actividades independientes.