ANY LANGUAGE SPEAKERS WE ARE LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS ESPECIALLY FOR JULY BUT THERE ARE OTHER VOLUNTEERING OPTIONS FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR The Association Manos de Ayuda Social is a non-profit organization whose objective is to offer a social diner in the VALLECAS area that covers a basic need and right: a healthy nutritious diet. The association supplies food that promotes healthy eating habits and provides an open, caring environment where those most at risk of being marginalized in their communities can feel accepted and at the same time are provided with resources to help them find employment and become an active member in society. Requisites for non-paid volunteers: • Must be over 18 years old. • Responsible, mature, emotionally stable, tactful, and committed. • Creative, pleasant, positive and dynamic. • Flexible and easily adaptable to the needs of the diner. • Good communicator and open person, non-judgmental • Availability: It is important that the volunteer is able to be committed to one day a week, in other words, if the volunteer’s day is Monday morning, he or she must come every Monday of every week. Volunteers must be able to consistently volunteer for at least one year. • VOLUNTEERS COLLABORATE ONLY ONE DAY A WEEK. • Food handling and allergens qualification (if the volunteer does not have the qualification, the course will be made available) • INTERVIEW. If the volunteer is selected, that same day, they will stay for training. If interested please write to set up an interview and TELL WHICH OF THE TWO OPTIONS IS DESIRED. If the available volunteer options do not work for you, you can help by telling others about the association and searching for funds that are needed to pay the only person that has a paid contract with Comedor Social in Puente de Vallecas: THE CHEF. Together we can fight to help the people who are suffering from the economic crisis and long-term unemployment. www.manosayudasocial.org. administracion@manosayudasocial.org