Hi there! My name is Lynnette, and I offer online English lessons and conversations for anyone looking to improve their language skills. I charge15 euros per hour and provide full materials to enhance your learning experience. I offer availability in both morning and afternoon to cater to your working schedule. My classes are dynamic, interactive, and personalized to meet your specific needs ( job interview or practical experience). During the lessons, you'll have the opportunity to practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills, and receive feedback on your progress. As a qualified Tefl and TESOL English teacher, I utilize a variety of teaching methods to ensure that each lesson is engaging and motivating. I am confident that you will find my classes beneficial in improving your English proficiency. Please feel free to check out reviews from my satisfied students on my website or you can email me and I can send you my to the page. Also check out my free tips and Instagram page Take the first step towards and join me! ¡Hola! ¡Encantada! Mi nombre es Lynnette y ofrezco clases y conversaciones de inglés en línea para aquellos que deseen mejorar sus habilidades lingüísticas. Cobro 15 euros por hora y proporciono materiales completos para enriquecer tu experiencia de aprendizaje. Ofrezco disponibilidad tanto en la mañana como en la tarde para adaptarme a tu horario de trabajo. Mis clases son dinámicas, interactivas y personalizadas para satisfacer tus necesidades específicas, ya sea para una entrevista de trabajo o adquirir experiencia práctica. Durante las lecciones, tendrás la oportunidad de practicar habilidades de habla, escuchar, lectura y escritura, además de recibir ''feedback'' sobre tu progreso. Como profesora de inglés calificada con certificación Tefl y TESOL, utilizo una variedad de métodos de enseñanza para asegurar que cada lección sea interesante y motivadora. Estoy segura de que encontrarás mis clases interactivas para mejorar tu dominio del inglés. No dudes en verificar las opiniones de mis estudiantes satisfechos en mi sitio web o, si prefieres, puedes enviarme un correo electrónico y te enviaré el enlace. También puedes visitar mis tips gratuitos y mi página de Instagram en ¡Da el primer paso y únete!


Hi everyone, I am renting my room in Malasaña starting June 25, available through the summer! - €400 per month + gastos. - The apartment is located in an incredible location right next to Plaza de Dos de Mayo. It is a 2 minute walk to the Bilbao line 1 and a 5 minute walk to Tribunal line 10 , plus a 5 minute walk from line 2. You can get to every part of the center in 15-20 minutes walking. - The apartment comes with a fully equipped kitchen and living area with lots of natural light, plus two balconies! - The room is fully furnished with a twin bed, sheets, a nightstand, dresser, shelves, and a hanging rack with hangers. - We have AIR CONDITIONING Send me a message on Whatsapp @ +1 734 476 6053 or ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hola a todos, alquilo mi habitación en Malasaña a partir del 25 de junio, ¡disponible todo el verano! - 400 euros al mes + gastos. - El apartamento está situado en una ubicación increíble justo al lado de la Plaza de Dos de Mayo. Está a 2 minutos andando de la línea 1 de Bilbao y a 5 minutos andando de la línea 10 de Tribunal, además de a 5 minutos andando de la línea 2. Puedes llegar a cualquier parte del centro en 15-20 minutos andando. - El apartamento viene con una cocina totalmente equipada y sala de estar con mucha luz natural, además de dos balcones - La habitación está totalmente amueblada con una cama doble, sábanas, una mesita de noche, cómoda, estanterías y un perchero con perchas. - Tenemos AIRE ACONDICIONADO


Looking for a reliable and experienced LIVE OUT au pair for the summer in Madrid? Look no further! Hi, my name is July and I am available from July to August to assist your family with childcare and light housework. With my experience as a language assistant and English tutor, I can provide your children with fun and educational activities while helping them improve their language skills. Last summer, I had the opportunity to work as an au pair and I loved every minute of it! I am enthusiastic, responsible, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that your children have a safe and enjoyable summer. Here are some of the services that I can offer: - Planning and organizing age-appropriate activities - Engaging your children in outdoor games and sports - Share my culture with your family I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact me at to discuss how I can be of assistance to your family this summer. Thank you for considering me as your live-out au pair. I look forward to hearing from you soon! Estás buscando una au pair experimentada y confiable para el verano en Madrid? ¡No busques más! Hola, mi nombre es July y estoy disponible desde julio hasta agosto para ayudar a tu familia con el cuidado de los niños. Con mi experiencia como asistente de idiomas y tutora de inglés, puedo proporcionar actividades divertidas y educativas para tus hijos mientras les ayudo a mejorar sus habilidades lingüísticas. El verano pasado, tuve la oportunidad de trabajar como au pair y me encantó cada minuto. Soy entusiasta, responsable y siempre estoy dispuesta a esforzarme para garantizar que tus hijos tengan un verano seguro y agradable. Estos son algunos de los servicios que puedo ofrecer: -Ayudar con las tareas y los trabajos escolares -Planificar y organizar actividades adecuadas para cada edad -Participar en juegos y deportes al aire libre - Compartir mi cultura con su familia Estaré encantada de responder cualquier pregunta que tengas. Por favor, no dudes en contactarme al para discutir cómo puedo ayudar a tu familia este verano. Gracias por considerarme como tu au pair. ¡Espero con interés escuchar de ti pronto!


Coming to see a therapist for the first time is often a daunting experience, but within a very short time people usually feel more comfortable and find it helpful as they begin to see their problems in a different light. People can have light bulb moments where they suddenly understand something that’s been troubling them for years. More usually there is a continuous process learning about how you operate in the world, and the effect this has on the people you meet. A counsellor, unlike friends or family, is not personally involved and can therefore be objective and nonjudgmental. Therapy helps with a variety of problems: major life transitions such as divorce, death of a loved one redundancy changing your occupation. All kinds of stress panic attacks, anxiety, and depression current or longstanding. All these problems can be explored and are often resolved over time. Deep seated childhood issues may emerge, which may have been contributing to current difficulties.  Working through your problems can lead to a much more positive outlook, increased competence and confidence, feeling of lightness, even happiness. One person I worked with had a metaphor for this: It was like dropping a stitch while knitting a jumper; the whole garment came unravelled. But now I know how to pick up some dropped stitches, it’s not the end of the world like it used to be. Clients often become more positive in their outlook as the work continues, finding it easier to live and function in the world in a more enjoyable and self-empowered way. I work with people in a variety of ways choosing one which I think will suit them personally. I usually take a short history to begin during which the main issues start to emerge, and then I work to develop their awareness in a very supportive manner. I may work with their dreams, or use various props to make their problem come alive. I encourage and support the client to look at their pain, grief, anger, despair, fear or jealousy, but only when they feel ready to do this. After a while, when they have developed enough self-support, I may present challenges to them. Please get in touch and we can see if I can help. Mark Evans AEGT, BWRT. 609263311 tel or Whatsapp