Me: I am a native English speaker (native New Yorker), I possess a Bachelor's degree from the State University of New York and I´m a TEFL certified English teacher. I've been teaching since 2008. My German is beginner-level. I live in Berlin and I am on Whatsapp. You: You are a native speaker of Hochdeutsch and in posession of a higher education from a Hochdeutch-speaking school (e.g. a German university or German trade school). You live in Germany and you are on Whatsapp. Our tandem: I´m looking for a phone-call tandem partner. Have you ever heard of the brain-growth discovery that we learn new skills much better if we—for example-- practice a little every day than if we practice a lot just once a week? This is because we build new brain in our sleep so the more sleep cycles we can have between practice-sessions (or vice-versa: the more practice sessions we can have between sleep cycles), the faster we learn. So my idea is to get German--speaking practice more frequently by organizing more convenient, shorter tandems. (For ex, 20-40 minute phone calls (time split 50/50 with English and German) 3-5 days a week. If you'd rather work on your English writing than your English speaking, we can arrange it so we still end up with a 50-50 time split with you sending me writing and me calling you to speak German. If you're interested, please write me letting me know: Where you grew up Your level of education in a Hochdeutsch setting Your time availablility What kind of English services you'd like in exchange