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Hola! I am a Native English trilingual Speech and Language Pathologist/Therapist with a passion for accents! Having lived abroad and worked with people from various accent and language backgrounds, I am aware of the impact accent can have on a person's self confidence and communication. Accent impacts how people perceive you, how well you are understood by others and can even affect your professional, social and academic opportunities. Do you know English but still feel that your accent doesn't sound quite 'right'? Do you still have trouble pronouncing certain English sounds when speaking even thought you are able to read and write in English? Do people struggle to understand you or ask you to repeat yourself several times? Are you unsure what parts of words or sentences should be emphasised, meaning your intonation (rhythm or flow) of your speech doesn't sound like a native English speaker? Or, perhaps you are a native English speaker but you are looking to neutralise your accent or even learn a British English, Australian or American dialect? Look no further! I am an experienced/qualified Speech Therapist (Logopeda y Foniatra) and accent coach and have worked in various primary schools, high schools, university speech clinics, hospitals, private homes and online. I have experience working in accent reduction/modification with speakers of Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Korean and more. In the initial session, I conduct a thorough assessment and then based on the results, collaboratively set specific and personalised accent goals with the client. From there the sessions will be classes to teach you the practical skills to reach your goals. I also provide home practice exercises for you to complete between sessions as this facilitates your learning and the transfer of your new accent to your everyday life. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions, I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Lola


Hello Everyone! My name is Jonathan, I am an English teacher from Dublin, Ireland. I have two years of experience teaching English both online and face to face. I've helped my students prepare for Cambridge and IELTS exams, prepare for business meetings, presentations and job interviews across various fields (marketing, architecture, engineering etc..). I have also helped students improve their general English skills across all levels. My Style: Let's have some fun! My classes tend to be energetic, fun and full of speaking. You'll do more than just boring worksheets with me. We'll play games, discuss interesting topics, look at real world sources (articles, films, music etc..), role-play real life situations and, as we say in Ireland, have some craic! How can I help you? I mainly specialise in speaking. I can help you improve your speaking skills for general English and IELTS/Cambridge exams. Got a job interview or presentation coming up? I can help you nail it! Interested in Ireland and Irish culture? Let's have a cup of tea and a chat. If you're struggling with pronunciation or even finding it difficult to integrate new grammar into your everyday speech, I can also help you out ;-) Where? Online (zoom/skype) Types of classes and fees: Free 30 minute trial and level test. GROUP CLASSES (starting September): General group: €8.50 per hour (max. 6 students per group) Exams group: €13.50 per hour (max. 6 students per group) 121: General/Conversational English: €20 per hour Business/Exam: €25 per hour Contact: Whatsapp: +34 617 515561 Email:


Hallo :) Mein Name ist Kayleigh und ich bin eine erfahrene, TEFL-qualifizierte Englischlehrerin. Meiner Erfahrung nach ist der beste und schnellste Weg, eine Sprache zu lernen, das Eintauchen ins echte Leben – sowohl innerhalb als auch außerhalb des Klassenzimmers. Als Student werden Sie während des von mir angebotenen Englischkurses ermutigt, so viel wie möglich zu üben, und es werden Ihnen immer praktische Vorschläge gegeben, um dies erfolgreich zu tun. INNERHALB des „Klassenzimmers“ (online oder persönlich) werden Sie einer Vielzahl von Modalitäten und Methoden ausgesetzt. Diese Exposition schafft eine immersive Lernerfahrung, bei der Ihre Aufmerksamkeit erhöht wird, wodurch Sie während jeder Klasse einen tieferen Fokus behalten. All dies ermöglicht es Ihnen, die Sprache 5-mal schneller zu erlernen oder zu verbessern! Warum nehmen Sie nicht an einer kostenlosen Probestunde teil, nur um diesen effektiven Prozess und dieses effektive System zu erleben? Senden Sie mir eine WhatsApp oder eine E-Mail, wenn Sie Fragen haben oder einen Kurs ausprobieren möchten. Ich freue mich darauf, von dir zu hören :) /// In my experience, the best and quickest way to learn a language is through real-life immersion - both in and outside the classroom. As a student, throughout the English course, I offer, you will be encouraged to engage in as much practice as possible and practical suggestions will always be given for you to do this successfully. INSIDE the 'classroom' (online or in-person), you are exposed to a wide variety of modalities and methods. This exposure creates an immersive learning experience in which your alert levels will be increased, thereby maintaining deeper focus throughout each class. All of this enables you to acquire or improve upon the language 5 times faster! Why not take a free trial class, just to experience this effective process and system? Send me a WhatsApp or an email if you have any questions or would like to try a class. I look forward to hearing from you :)


Hi! My name is Ron! I am from a small town near the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in The United States of America! I now however live in Madrid, Spain teaching English to elementary, high school, university and adult students. I really enjoy teaching and tutoring. It is always my goal to make sure my classes are interesting, meaningful, and educational. When I am not teaching I love to travel, read, and play with my three dogs! Classes would be held online using: Zoom / FaceTime / Google Meet / Skype I teach: Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing (American and British English) and preparing you for Trinity, Business and Cambridge exams: - A1 Starters & Movers - A2 KET Key English Test - B1 PET Preliminary English Test - B2 FCE First Certificate in English - C1 CAE Certificate in Advanced English - C2 CPE Certificate of Proficiency in English I graduated from university with a bachelor's degree in the College of Health and Human services. I hold two TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and two TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificates from The United Kingdom and China. I speak English and Spanish and have worked for the Spanish Ministry of Education for 8 years. I teach grades prekindergarten to twelfth grade. I teach many one on one English lessons to adult and children learners. Feel free to email or send a WhatsApp message. Please note my phone number is Spanish, so be sure to add +34 I look forward to hearing from you! Let’s get started! Thanks!


Haben Sie gerade Ihren Abschluss gemacht und möchten wertvolle Berufserfahrung in Spanien sammeln? Unterrichten Sie Deutsch in einer spanischen Schule! Es erwarten Sie ein garantierte monatliche Einkünfte, zertifizierte unterrichtsbezogene Schulungen, Praxiserfahrung an einer Schule, kontinuierliche Teilnehmer an einem Unterstützung vor Ort sowie die Möglichkeit, ein anderes Land und Kultur kennenzulernen. Wichtige Daten: - Dauer des Programms: Von Oktober bis Mai Highlights des Programms: • Professionelle Vermittlung an eine spanische Schule; 24 Unterrichtsstunden pro Woche als Fremdsprachenassistent. • Zertifizierter pädagogisches Kurs an einer spanischen Universität, der über das Programm finanziert wird. • Garantierte monatliche Einkünfte. • Spanische gesetzliche Krankenversicherung • Unterstützung bei der Eröffnung eines Bankkontos • Kontinuierliche Unterstützung vor Ort durch den Tutor der Schule und durch Meddeas • Einführende Schulung und Unterrichts-Workshops • Abschlusszertifikat am Ende des Kurses • Je nach Schule, unterschiedliche Altersstufen der Schüler • Bezahlte Schulferien (außer im Sommer) • Keine Gebühren Die Aufgabe eines Fremdsprachenassistenten Ein Fremdsprachassistent verfügt über Kenntnisse auf Niveau eines Muttersprachlers in englischer und deutscher Sprache. Er unterstützt die Fremdsprachenlehrer der Schule und hilft den Schülern durch Konversationsübungen. Seine Aufgaben unterscheiden sich von denen eines Assistenzlehrers. Sie umfassen die Motivierung zur mündlichen Kommunikation in der Fremdsprache, Erläuterungen zur Kultur seines Heimatlandes, Unterstützung in anderen Fächern, wie Wissenschaft, Kunst, Sportunterricht. Ein Fremdsprachenassistent ist ein Vorbild für korrekte Aussprache und Grammatik und arbeitet mit dem Lehrerkollegium bei der Erstellung von Unterrichtsmaterial und der Planung der Unterrichtsstunden zusammen. Damit Ihre Bewerbung berücksichtigt werden kann, müssen Sie folgende Bedingungen erfüllen: • Kenntnisse auf Niveau deutscher Muttersprachler/innen • Qualifikationen: Universitätsabschluss (nach 2018) • Spanischkenntnisse werden nicht gefordert/benötigt • Mittlere Englischkenntnisse (B2) • Begeisterung für die Arbeit mit Kindern und/oder Jugendlichen • Energie und Einfallsreichtum • Keine Vorstrafen Senden Sie Ihren Lebenslauf an


We are currently looking to recruit two enthusiastic EFL Teacher to start in September 2022. Experience with teaching General English and Cambridge exam classes to young learners, teenagers and adults is necessary. The position is for native-level speaking English teachers with CELTA or equivalent, preferably a degree, and 1 year experience. Salary: 1400 euros NET + contract. (Summer school in July optional) "ADVANCE Language School" is situated in Marbella, Andalucia in Southern Spain. Being one of the leading schools in the area, we have an excellent reputation for offering a high standard of language education and are continually striving to achieve the best possible results.. We are also a Cambridge and Trinity exam centre and our learners take their official exams at our school. The teaching will be made up of 60% young learner/teenager classes and 40% adult classes. The majority of our students prepare for the Cambridge exams starting at 7 years old with "Starters, Movers and Flyers" and go on to take other Cambridge Main Suite exams at A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2 levels. Therefore, experience with Cambridge Exams is necessary. We also provide General English and Business English classes to adults and professionals. The main duties include: - Prepare and plan classes incorporating a communicative approach to teaching. - Teach 24 hours per week at a variety of levels from beginner through to upper intermediate/advanced levels. - Attend staff meetings/professional development training sessions. Teachers at ADVANCE Language School can take advantage of: - professional training sessions to help develop their teaching skills. - workshops and on-going training. - formal and peer observations. Minimum Requirements - Qualifications: CELTA or TESOL - 1 year classroom teaching experience - Experience with Young Learners and Cambridge exams valued. - EU national/valid work permit or TIE - University degree is preferred. - A working knowledge of Spanish to B1 level is an advantage. Salary and Benefits - Competitive salary of 1400 euros NET - All local and national holidays paid including 10 days at Christmas and 5 days at Easter. - 9 month renewable contract with possibility of working in summer school in July. - Social Security paid. - Help finding accommodation and getting residency documents. (We have a list of landlords/landladies


¿Te gustaría formar parte de una empresa en expansión? ¿Quieres impartir clases de Español a grupos de empleados que quieren mejorar y retarse? ¡Únete a nuestro equipo! Estamos buscando formadores de español para liderar sesiones de formación en español a través de videoconferencia y para asegurar el avance de aprendizaje de alumnos a través de nuestro programa educativa. Este puesto también involucra la monitorización de todos los indicadores para medir el progreso de alumnos, formacion y aconsejarles según su nivel. La evaluación de la adquisición de habilidades al final de cada etapa y la evaluación al final del curso. El candidato debe de estar dado de alta en el régimen de autónomos (registrado en la seguridad social y hacienda). ¿Eres una persona creative y dinámica y te apasiona la enseñanza? ¡No esperes más, envíanos tu solicitud cuanto antes! Habilidades requeridas: -Un título de enseñanza de idiomas. (Licenciada en Filología o equivalente) - Nivel nativo de castellano. - Un mínimo de 2 años de experiencia. -Conocimiento de herramientas utilizadas en diferentes métodos pedagógicos y formaciones. - Flexibilidad y adaptabilidad - Adepto con el paquete de Microsoft Office y alta confianza con herramientas de internet. - Si es posible conocimientos de Francés medios altos. Calidades Profesionales. - Independiente - Capacidad para motivar a la gente - Con capacidad rápida de reacción INTERCOUNTRY es una empresa de formacion de idiomas extranjeros que se ha basado en la lealtad de sus clientes desde 1995. Con su propio LMS (Sistema de aprendizaje) y centro de Recursos, enfoque de calidad y más de 275 formadores cualificados y apasionados a enseñar, INTERCOUNTRY se posiciona como empresa especialista en el aprendizaje de metodología mixta integrada.


Do you like working with children? If you are responsible, imaginative, caring and full of energy, this might be the summer job you are looking for! JOB DESCRIPTION • Supervising daily recreational and social activities for groups of students. • Explaining activities, playing games and instructing workshops: sports, arts and crafts, theatre, music, dance, etc... Participants will rely on you to guide them through their activities and you must have both the charisma to work with a group and the sensitivity to listen to the individual. • Making sure the campers speak and hear as much English as possible. •Enforcing safety rules and regulations, and ensuring the safety and well-being of the campers. •This demanding role requires constant energy and enthusiasm. You will be a role model, teacher, mediator, comedian and friend. In these residential camps, you'll be with the children 24 hours a day. •Overseeing appropriate behaviour at meal times. •Chaperoning on the bus trip from Madrid to the venue and back. •Volunteers pick-ups and drop-offs in Madrid. PROGRAMME SPECIFICS •Our camps take place at a number of rural resorts •Ages: Kids - 7 to 12 years old and Teens - 13 to 18 years old. •Schedule: Residential Camp. Full time. •Dates: In July, we have FOUR weeks of our “traditional” Kids & Teens programmes. ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENTS •Counselors must be at least 21 years old. •Must be a native English speaker or have a bilingual level. •EU-citizens (or legal work permit in Spain). •Certificate of Criminal Records that allows you to work with minors •Desirable previous camp experience, 1 to 2 proven years of working with children. Teaching experience is an advantage and might be required for some of the residential camps. WE OFFER •Contract: We offer a Spanish employment. This will require a Spanish Social Security number. •Training: You have to be in Madrid to attend the training and sign the contract. We provide accommodation for the airport pick-up night, but the Training night will be at your own expense. •Food an accommodation will be provided at the camps. If you are interested in this position and meet all the job requirements, please, send your CV and cover letter to


YOUR ROLE As an Educational Content Creator (m/f/d) at StudySmarter, you are responsible for creating first-class content for our platform, around the AP subject of your expertise. If you are currently studying, you have the opportunity to write summaries for your degree program, learn something for your studies and earn money, all while gaining valuable work experience - win-win-win! You will become part of a young, dynamic team and support us in implementing our SEO strategy. The goal: to position StudySmarter as the # 1 EdTech startup worldwide. Your responsibilities are: Write search engine optimized content such as explanations of concepts according to the learning outcomes of the AP subject of your choice. As part of our content task force, you will work as a team to peer review and provide feedback to your colleagues about their articles. Be actively involved in improving the quality and accuracy of the content published. Work on an exciting SEO growth project in the study & school sector, whenever and wherever you want. WHAT YOU NEED FOR THIS ROLE A good understanding of the requirements of the USA school system Successful completion of your AP courses you wish to write about English fluency Completed studies in the US. A background in education or tutoring. Alternatively, you have a great eye for creating learning materials that are appropriate and accessible for the target group A proactive and solution-oriented approach to problems Strong interpersonal and communication skills A focused, structured working manner and enjoyment working at a fast pace in dynamic, ever-changing environments Availability for 3 or 6 months full-time or part-time. ABOUT US StudySmarter is a leading EdTech startup from Munich, which digitizes the entire learning process of students and schoolchildren with its smart learning platform. We have not only been recognized as the best learning app worldwide but have also been able to support more than a million users with learning. With our new investment behind us, we would like to gain 12 new markets for ourselves this year and significantly expand our team. Our vision: to support everyone with the latest technology in achieving their own educational goals.


We are a UK-based proofreading company seeking native English speakers who feel they have what it takes to become an academic editor and supplement their income. About you: -Native British English speaker -Minimum of a Master’s degree -2+ years experience teaching English -Proficient user of tracked changes in Microsoft Word -Great knowledge of English grammar -Be able to use Google Sheets and Google Drive The job: -You can earn between €13-€23+ an hour (depending on how fast you proofread) -You will mainly edit and proofread documents by ESL (English as a second language) students. -We pay you monthly for the documents completed in that month -Pick up as little or as much work as you would like (note we require you edit a 10,000 words minimum per month to remain active on our books) Benefits -Flexible work schedule - claim when you can -Learn lots about a variety of topics - from marketing, to astrophysics, history, and economics -Become part of a small, friendly, responsive team -Free proofreading and editing training -Work from anywhere there is an internet connection To apply: Please complete the proofreading and editing test below (COPY AND PASTE IT IN TO A WORD DOCUMENT AND USE TRACKED CHANGES TO MARK THE EDITS) & email it with your CV 1)Copy and paste the proofreading and editing test below into a Word doc and use tracked changes to track edits. . This study is concerning the determinants of Angolan Commercial Banks profitability, attempting to give an overview with regard to main determinants of profitability amongst Angolan commercial banks. The importance and role of banks in the development of societies is unquestionable and it comes from very long time ago, it is stated by Chofras (1999) 37 that bank has an established history of at least and it concept and roles have been improving and being more challenging over decades, for instance in the recent financial history of Europe Banks start to perform several different types of services and assuming distinct forms and functions, appearing merchants, investment, private, deposits, savings, agricultural, popular and discount banks. It gives a vigorous and great impulse to Banking activities. Consequently banks role of banks as an intermediary start to be evident, banks accumulate capital from depositors, and lend it to business companies for them to invest in producing goods and services, driving the development of societies.


We are a factory located in Sant Jaume de Llierca. We are seeking for an English teaching assistant who gives support to the Human Resources department and also provides conversation classes to our CEO. Working hours: 20h/week from Monday to Friday during mornings Starting date: 1st of December 2021 Ending date: 30th July 2022 Assistant tasks -Communicating with the CEO in English -Attending to business meetings -Helping the CEO to become more fluent and confident in English -Helping the CEO to write official emails and conduct presentation in English -Teaching conversational English to the HR department Economical compensation: 800€ net/month (+Erasmus grant around 600€ if you can apply for it - more info here: Additional benefits provided: free accommodation in a shared flat with other engineers from the factory Social Security (this provides full health care coverage in Spain with same rights as a Spanish citizen) 1 online course about Teaching techniques in an online Spanish University mentor who helps you through all the internship period Requirements: min. C1 English level good communication skills no experience is required we accept Erasmus and non Erasmus applicants, you don't have to be enrolled in a univeristy Please send your CV to and tell us when could you start (possible to start until 1/12/2021). Cover letter is not required. Remote work is not possible.


Vous souhaitez rejoindre une entreprise en pleine expansion? Pouvoir chaque jour, enseigner la langue française à un public de salariés en quête de progression et de challenge ? Rejoignez-nos équipes ! Nous sommes à la recherche d'un formateur de FLE H/F pour animer des sessions de formation en français en vidéoconférence et être garant de la progression efficace des apprenants en suivant le programme pédagogique mis en place. Il s’agit également de suivre l'ensemble des indicateurs permettant de mesurer la progression des apprenants, de les former et les conseiller en fonction de leur niveau, et d’évaluer l'acquisition des compétences à l'issue de chaque cours et à la fin des parcours. Il est demandé au candidat de disposer du statut autoentrepreneur. Vous êtes une personne créative, dynamique et vous avez l'enseignement dans la peau ? Envoyez votre candidature sans plus tarder ! Compétences • connaissance et outil des méthodes et outils pédagogiques d'une formation • flexibilité et capacité d’adaptation • aisance sur les outils bureautiques et internet Qualités professionnelles • Autonomie • Capacité à motiver • Réactivité INTERCOUNTRY est une entreprise familiale de formation aux langues étrangères qui fonde, depuis 1995, sa croissance sur la fidélité de ses Clients. Avec son propre LMS et centre de ressources, sa démarche Qualité et plus de 180 formateurs, qualifiés et passionnés, INTERCOUNTRY se positionne comme le spécialiste du blended-learning intégré.


All Right are now recruiting for online ESL teachers for young learners! We are a leading online education company that specializes in teaching English to European students from age 3-15. All Right is proud to base our material around the Cambridge Starters, Movers and Flyers curriculum as well as offer specialized courses around things our students are interested in, such as Minecraft, and cooking. Our classes are conducted on our own exclusive teaching platform where our students can enjoy private 25-minute lessons, or join a group conversation class about topics that interest them. We always have our students’ best interests at heart, and we hope you will too! Why choose All Right? ?? Flexible working hours - work where you want, when you want ?? Lessons are fun and interactive with our own state of the art software and lesson material ?? No experience required! We provide full training before you start, plus free ongoing training with experienced methodologists ?? Non-native? No problem! We are proud to have a diverse teaching team and accept teachers from all over the world ?? Bi-weekly payment schedule and monthly bonuses of up to 5% of your salary ?? Pay rates of up to $15 per hour What we need from you: ???? A passion for working with children, and a willingness to learn new skills ???? At least a C1 in English ???? Availability to teach for at least 15 hours per week during peak hours in the UTC+3 time zone (16:00 to 21:00 Monday to Friday, and 11:00 to 21:00 on weekends) ???? A Bachelors degree in Education (or similar) OR a teaching certificate (TESOL/TESL/TEFL/CELTA or other). ???? Russian, German, Italian, Polish and/or Spanish language skills.


Looking for native English-speaking language teachers and/or experienced sports monitors residing in the Benelux (Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg) and/or Germany regions. Are you up for working at a 6-day sleep-away camp in Belgium from August 2-8. Please send CV or resume of teaching experience to be considered! ABOUT US... In 2017, we celebrated our 50th anniversary. More than ever, we make every effort to enable young people to actively refine their knowledge of English during an unforgettable language summer holiday. At all language camps, whether sports, adventure/excursions or language, we operate in a semi-casual fashion, where children learn to express themselves English, during spontaneous conversations and lessons. YOUR JOB... 1) Strengthen grammar, writing and reading comprehension ESL. 2) Evaluate and students' class work, assignments. 3) Compile, administer, and grade examinations, and develop soft skills. 4) Prepare course adaptive materials such as syllabi, homework assignments, and handouts. 5) Maintain student attendance records, progress and other required records. 6) Develop conversational skills 7) MUST be enthusiastic, relatable, adaptable and ready for a few long days 8) Open to sports & youth activities It's a decent and fun job for the compensation, which is discussed upon being contacted, if suitable. Inclusive of complimentary accommodation and 3-meals per day. Transport reimbursed up until a 140-Euros limit. TESOL, ESL, CELTA certified get priority. Being experienced in such work is also valued! PLEASE SEND YOUR CV with... A) A brief intro paragraph about yourself- B) Your age, C) the region you are currently (as in today), D) Is English your native language? E) Are you allowed to work in the European Union? F) 2 recent professional references (email and phone number w/ country code)


Eine sehr gute dreisprachige internationale Schule in Dubai sucht erfahrene Deutsch sprechende Anfänger und Grundschullehrer für das Schuljahr 2020-21. Dies ist eine ideale Gelegenheit für PYP-Lehrer, Teil eines aufregenden Entwicklungsprojekts zu sein, oder für diejenigen, die die IB-Philosophie eifrig umarmen möchten. Bitte beachten Sie, dass für diese Position die Liefersprache Deutsch ist. Das Team der internationalen Lehrkräfte besteht aus hochqualifizierten Fachkräften, die alle ein Ziel teilen: allen unseren Kindern eine qualitativ hochwertige Ausbildung in einem fürsorglichen, pflegenden und unterstützenden Umfeld zu bieten. Alle Lehrer arbeiten eng mit dem PYP-Koordinator und dem Leiter der Grundschule zusammen und beteiligen sich an der Lehrplanentwicklung und an den Aktivitäten nach der Schule. Im Rahmen ihres Engagements für die persönliche und berufliche Entwicklung unserer Lehrer wird dem erfolgreichen Kandidaten eine umfassende berufliche Entwicklung geboten • vollqualifizierte und erfahrene Lehrkraft mit einem relevanten Bachelor-Abschluss in Early Childhood Studies oder Bachelor of Education und einer relevanten professionellen Lehrqualifikation wie PGCE, QTS oder Zertifizierung sein • mindestens 2 Jahre Unterrichtserfahrung haben, vorzugsweise in einer IB-Schule • nachweislich erfolgreich sind • Beherrschen einer zweiten Sprache wie Englisch, Französisch oder Arabisch (wird sehr geschätzt) • über internationale Lehrerfahrung verfügen. Applications in English please.


DaF Lehrer/ in a School in Sevilla, Spai Teach German in Spain: vacancy in Sevilla! Are you a recent graduate looking for a valuable professional experience in Spain? Receive a monthly pay, certified teaching related training, valuable experience in a school, ongoing in-country support, and the opportunity to explore a country. After the first few days at school, participants will be asked to use their own initiative, find resources and prepare their own engaging and fun activities or games. Desirable candidate profile ? Native-level German speaker ?Recent university graduates (obtained after 2015) ·?No previous teaching experience needed (but valued) ·?Someone who enjoys working with children and/or young people ·?Energetic and creative ·?Competence in the Spanish language is not required ·?No criminal records ?Intermediate English skills (B2) Selected candidate will ·?Receive a monthly pay between 1,056€ - 1,116€ per month (24 teaching hours/week) ?Join a Spanish school to cooperate as a German language assistant with 24 teaching hours per week, starting in November 1st 2019 until May 31st 2020, with the same holidays as the school. ?Get initial training and teacher workshops. ?Receive foreign languages-teaching related certified course, given by a Spanish university (paid by the programme). ?Paid school holidays (except for the summer period). ?Get help with the process and opening a bank account. ?Have ongoing in-country support from the school’s designated Tutor and from Meddeas. ?Receive a certificate of completion at the end of the programme. ?Enjoy paid school holidays (except for summer period). ·?School is located in Espartinas, Sevilla ?Teach Primary and/or Secondary school students (aged 5 – 18). ?Full cover to the National Health insurance. · ?No fees attached


DaF Lehrer/ in a School in Sevilla, Spain Teach German in a school in Spain: vacancy in Sevilla! Are you a recent graduate looking for a valuable professional experience in Spain? Receive a monthly pay, certified teaching related training, valuable experience in a school, ongoing in-country support, and the opportunity to explore a country. After the first few days at school, participants will be asked to use their own initiative, find resources and prepare their own engaging and fun activities or game Important Dates -Program length: ASAP to May 2020 Desirable candidate profile •Native-level German speaker •Recent university graduates (obtained after 2015) •No previous teaching experience needed (but valued) •Someone who enjoys working with children and/or young people •Energetic and creative •Competence in the Spanish language is not required •No criminal records •Intermediate English skills (B2) Selected candidate will •Receive a monthly pay between 1,056€ - 1,116€ per month (24 teaching hours/week) •Join a Spanish school to cooperate as a German language assistant with 24 teaching hours per week, starting in October 1st 2019 until May 31st 2020, with the same holidays as the school. •Get initial training and teacher workshops. •Receive foreign languages-teaching related certified course, given by a Spanish university (paid by the programme). •Paid school holidays (except for the summer period). •Get help with the process and opening a bank account. •Have ongoing in-country support from the school’s designated Tutor and from Meddeas.


Me: I am a native English speaker (native New Yorker), I possess a Bachelor's degree from the State University of New York and I´m a TEFL certified English teacher. I've been teaching since 2008. My German is beginner-level. I live in Berlin and I am on Whatsapp. You: You are a native speaker of Hochdeutsch and in posession of a higher education from a Hochdeutch-speaking school (e.g. a German university or German trade school). You live in Germany and you are on Whatsapp. Our tandem: I´m looking for a phone-call tandem partner. Have you ever heard of the brain-growth discovery that we learn new skills much better if we—for example-- practice a little every day than if we practice a lot just once a week? This is because we build new brain in our sleep so the more sleep cycles we can have between practice-sessions (or vice-versa: the more practice sessions we can have between sleep cycles), the faster we learn. So my idea is to get German--speaking practice more frequently by organizing more convenient, shorter tandems. (For ex, 20-40 minute phone calls (time split 50/50 with English and German) 3-5 days a week. If you'd rather work on your English writing than your English speaking, we can arrange it so we still end up with a 50-50 time split with you sending me writing and me calling you to speak German. If you're interested, please write me letting me know: Where you grew up Your level of education in a Hochdeutsch setting Your time availablility What kind of English services you'd like in exchange


Want to improve your Spanish but don’t have time to take lessons at the moment? Do you take Spanish lessons but want to practice more in your free time? Do you want to prepare for the DELE exam? I have developed a new method to help learners to improve their Spanish from home, which is especially convenient if you don't have time to attend classes but want to practice the language more. With this method you will receive Spanish exercises on a regular basis tailored to both your learning preferences and your goals. Once you complete them, I will correct them, writing annotations on each page so that you properly understand your errors and learn how to avoid making them in the future. What do the exercises consist of? Every exercise is designed specifically with your current Spanish level and your requirements in mind. While each worksheet will vary from student to student, generally the following will be included: • A comprehension task, featuring a text and questions relating to that text. • Vocabulary exercises • Grammar exercises • An essay question * Students that want to prepare for official exams, such as the DELE, will receive exercises that are designed to aid the acquisition and development of the skills necessary to complete these exams successfully. What will I do once I receive your completed exercises? After receiving the completed worksheet, I will correct any errors you have made and annotate the document, providing useful recommendations about vocabulary, connectors, verb tenses and more, which you could have used to complete the exercises. * You will receive the corrected document within 2 working days. How many exercises do you want to do per week? Bearing in mind that the worksheets will take you approximately one hour to complete (depending on your level of Spanish), you can choose whether you want to complete one or two of my worksheets per week. Price Level 1: You will receive custom designed exercises once per week. - Beginner Level (A1-A2) = 8 euros. - Intermediate Level (B1-B2) = 10 euros. - Advanced Level (C1-C2) = 12 euros. Level 2: You will receive custom designed exercises two times per week. - Beginner Level (A1-A2) = 12 euros (6 euros for each one). - Intermediate Level (B1-B2) = 16 euros (8 euros for each one). - Advanced Level (C1-C2) = 20 euros (10 euros for each one).

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